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One of the three tenets of Freemasonry is charity and the Brethren of Morakot Lodge are engaged in several charitable activities not least of all is the Morakot Charity BBQ which is held annually. 

Truth, Charity and Brotherly Love
2024 Morakot Charity

As we enter 2024, plans are being formulated for our charity fundraising efforts for the coming year by the Worshipful Master, Steward of Charities and the team on the Committee. Once these plans have been finalised, we will post details here. 


Prior to the COVID-19 pandemic, Morakot Lodge was famous for its annual Charity BBQ. It has been cancelled for the last three years, but the annual Morakot Lodge Charity event will be scheduled soon, and information posted here. 

It is always a great and much anticipated event on the Masonic calendar, and past events have been very much the highlight of the year!

All Masonic and non-Masonic guests and their families are most welcome!

Pakanyor Foundation
The Pakanyor Foundation

Since 1985, the Pakanyor Foundation (Thai registered Charity No.: 
TOR 254/2545) has been building sustainable clean water piping projects for remote Karen hilltribe villages in northern Thailand.

Morakot Lodge was proud to have supported the Pakanyor Foundation, which is run by the exceptional Thai Freemason VW Bro. Jim Soutar, with the collections from the 2017 Charity BBQ being passed on to this very worthy cause. 

Visit The Pakanyor Foundation on Facebook

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